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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Patrick's Back!

The nurse told Rachel and Agape that Patrick always tries to get out of bed during the night, even taking the sheets off his bed. So Agape told his dad not to give the nurses such a difficult time and stay in bed, he looked at Agape and said, "Me? That wasn't me, it must have been someone else." ...and yet today when he found out the kids went to Little Haiti for haitian food he said he wanted some goat too....doesn't that sound like Patrick to you?
We are glad to have him back!
He continues to be in ICU and we wait expectantly for the call that he has been transferred to his own room. What a party that will be.
Barb continues to astound the staff who continues to exclaim, "You don't need rehab at all!" As she hops out of bed, speed walks her walker to her destination. We're beginning to think God gave "Stumpy" fuel injection.
We are tired, it is late and so thankful for another good day of precious life.
Thank you for your continued prayers and gifts, notes of encouragement.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is a Kiss Worth?

In the past 24 hours, dad was taken off the ventilator!

We have been here holding our breaths, hoping his lungs were strong enough to breathe on his own, so we hadn't posted yet. But praise God, dad has been breathing on his own, talking slowly and recovering from sedation so well that doctors and nurses are amazed!

He has asked for chinese food and his sun glasses!
He is only semi-aware but is improving by the hour. YEAH!
We are so excited about having him awake and back with us, but the process ahead of us is long.

We are still being careful with visitors, due to high infection risks, dad's disorientation and fragile health as he wakes and mom's need for continued rest. We look forward to the day we can see family and friends and share our joy and thank you for understanding the need to wait.
Please continue to pray with us during the next leg of this journey.

So what is a kiss worth?
When mom stood on one leg by the hospital bed of my dad and he turned his lips towards her for the first time in exactly two weeks, and they shared that first anticipated kiss, a kiss is worth everything!

God bless and thank you for your prayers and support
God does indeed do"exceedingly abundantly" more!
The Lataillade family

Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Day for "Stumpy"

"Stumpy" had a busy day. PT was more severe today. We learned to step up one stair. We did other exercises to strengthen muscles.
Barb was allowed to go visit Patrick. His color is good. He is beginning to look like Patrick, most of the swelling is down. Continue to pray that his lungs will be strong enough to be off the ventilator. As the doctor calls it, "baby steps". All his vitals remain stable.
Thank you for your prayers and love!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheering for Patrick

Patrick was off the ventilator for a few minutes, and even spoke a few words with the nurse. But he was unable to continuing breathing on his own without an occasional boost from the ventilator. Tomorrow they will try again, he is making progress!! You go, Patrick!!
Barb is progressing as well. Infection is ruled out at this point. The doctor is pleased with the wound site.
We are continually amazed at the opportunities God has given us to share His story with doctors, nurses, and myriads of other hospital staff.
God is so faithful which is expressed in many ways every day. Pray, pray that tomorrow Patrick will have strength to breathe on his own and be rid of the ventilator.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Info about donations

For those of you curious about donations, You can send money to: You can also send checks, cards, and packages directly to us at: Patrick and Barb Lataillade
c/o Zenaida Halbert
548 S Crescent Dr
Hollywood FL 33021
Whatever way is easier for you. There is also a way for you to do a wire transfer or direct deposit through Bank of America. If you are confused, call or email me or agape and we can help you out. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Walls Fell- but hair-dos must go on...

Mom may be getting released for physical therapy in the next few days. She walks with a walker in the hallway and to the bathroom. Although there is still a chance of infection, antibiotics appear to be working for now. She is doing well.
Dad is still on a ventilator, but his kidneys are kicking in more and more. The biggest concern at this point is infection, and getting him off the ventilator. Best case, he will be able to breathe on his own in the next few days, and get out of the ICU, but that doesn't seem probable within the next few days.
Praise God for: antibiotics.. and Hairdressers that will come to deal with mom's "earthquake" hairstyle. She's very excited.
Pray: against infection for both mom and dad, dad's lungs, and ministry challenges in Haiti.
Thanks again!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

keep praying

The doctors just changed Barb's bandage on her leg and they are concerned about infection. They found some new blisters and still some redness. They also said it was pretty warm. Please pray against infections and that she would not need more surgery.

Still waiting...

We are sorry for not posting anything yesterday, our internet connection was acting up last night.

Patrick had some trouble with breathing on his own yesterday. He was getting a lot of assistance from the ventilator last night and today they will start the weaning process over again. His kidneys are still doing great and he is showing a lot of progress recovering from “rhabdo”.

Mom and “Stumpy” are becoming better friends. They took a walk in the hall yesterday. This afternoon the doctors noticed that it developed some redness so they have her on the antibiotics again.

A current need that we have now is a vehicle for while we are in Miami. We love you all and thank you again for your prayers.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here's to nights of Bull riding... and women who love it

Mom is watching bull riding, eating ice cream with enthusiasm. She has "set the bar" (according to nurses and physical therapists alike) as far as amputee patients go. Everyone who sees her comments on strength that she has yet to see. She amazes me with how far she's progressed in the past two days.
Dad is still stable. The doctors see great improvement with his breathing and his kidneys, but he is still under sedation in the ICU for the time being. He is beginning to become more responsive as the doctors lower sedation.
I just thank God for tonight. Twelve days ago, I could have lost my parents. Instead, I get to go hold dad's hand and tell him how much he'll enjoy chinese food when he gets better. I get to laugh with my mom and my brother while we watch bull riding and see my mom's amazingness shine through. We are so very blessed. :)
Keep praying for dad's full recovery, mom's therapy and the rest of Haiti.... Thanks for everything.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Steps

Tonight I (Barb) was allowed to visit Patrick for the first time, my first time seeing him since we left Haiti 9 days ago. I spoke his name, and he opened both eyes for a short second. Rachel and Agape thought it "not fair" since they have been trying to have him do this for many days. :)) What can I say?? I do say Praise the Lord because we know he hears and knows my voice.
He is very sick but remains in a stable condition. Pray he will soon "come back to us".

News from Barb!

God has done exceeding abundantly MORE than we could imagine!
I was able to walk a bit this morning. I am now off all IV & antibiotics.
I still have many bruises and scrapes as the nurse said, "you would think a wall fall on you or something!!" Smile.
Patrick remains under heavy sedation, although last night Agape and Rachel had a definite nod of the head when they told him he was in the hospital in Miami. We are encouraged with this.
We love you all. Thanks for praying.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

First, we would like to thank you all for your prayers and support. We have decided to start a family blog to update everyone on our progress. We will do our best to update this blog daily.
For those of you who have not heard, Patrick and Barb were both injured in the Haiti earthquake when their house in Port-au-Prince collapsed on them. Patrick has had his right arm amputated at the shoulder and Barb has had her right leg amputated below the knee. Agape and Rachel are here with them at the hospital in Miami.
As of today, Patrick is still in intensive care. He has a condition called Rhabdomyolysis which is very common among people who suffer from a "crush" injury. He is stable but he is being sedated to give his body time to heal.
Barb had her final surgery on Tuesday. She was able to get out of bed today and walk around the room with her walker.
We ask you to continue to pray and to check this blog for further updates.

The Lataillade family (Patrick, Barb, Rachel, and Agape)