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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Are You On Time?

We arrived in church last night, totally forgetting that the service had started at 4:00 pm rather than the normal 6:00 time because of the concert afterwards. What a disappointment. We had already missed church 2 weeks in a row because of sickness. So we returned home.

How much more tragic it will be for those who miss the Eternal, never-ending Worship Time in Heaven. We are called to be prepared, not to be deceived. Yet all around us we see life happening as if there is no end here on earth. I enjoy watching Jeopardy, but am always amazed that Bible questions usually stump the contestants. They know the questions found around the world, but are poorly acquainted with the eternal Word of God.

Appointments and schedules are all a part of life. Get to the airport too late, you miss the flight. Get to church too late, you miss the service. Miss the doctor's appointment, you reschedule. Late for your wedding...??? Maybe there wouldn't be a second chance.

There is only one appointment that cannot be rescheduled...that is the final call when Jesus returns to gather His Bride. We must be ready...we cannot be late for that...and honestly, what is so important on earth that would even make us be so negligent as to miss this final call?

We do plan to go to church today. There is redemption in forgetting the change of a service time..we can go today.

God Bless You