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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Crumb of Bread

Matthew 15:21-28 relates the story of the woman from Canaan who was begging Jesus to help her daughter who was severely demon possessed. Jesus' response seems a bit harsh, since He basically said I came to save the Jews. But she cried out again and worshipped Him. Again, Jesus replied that it wouldn't be good to take the children's bread and toss it to the little dogs.

She just didn't back down. She told Jesus that even little dogs get to eat the crumbs under the master's table. Then Jesus told her that she had great faith! And her daughter was healed.

Her faith excelled! Even though it seemed Jesus was going to reject her. She just didn't give up. All she wanted was a "crumb." Just a little. She knew she wasn't in Jesus' inner Jewish circle, but she had a need!

I love that idea of a crumb. Very tiny. A crumb of bread from the table of God is better than a loaf of bread in the hands of satan. How many times do we think our need is too small to bother God? Or too big for a miracle? What I see in the story is that the woman was not assured of an answer to her request, yet she worshipped Him. (verse 25) She agreed with Jesus that she didn't deserve the best, but yet if she could just have a crumb of His power displayed to heal her daughter, she knew it would be enough.

In my life, there has been those times I was so busy looking for the "big" that I missed the "crumb" that God provided. The woman saw the value of the crumb to feed little dogs. I believe that she knew if Jesus blessed a crumb, a miracle would happen. And it did!!

What I consider a crumb may be God's miracle for me today. Look for crumbs and worship God…believe in Him without wavering or doubting. Don't put your faith in the crumb, but into the Lord of the crumb.

God bless you

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